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How Do I Undo Data That I Just Recorded?
On iPhone, you can shake to undo. On Apple Watch, force-touch on the main screen of the app after you have recorded data in order to undo. Undo is not currently supported from the widget.
How do I add a complication to my Apple Watch?
You can do so either directly on your Apple Watch, or by using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. When on Apple Watch, when looking at the time, force touch on the screen and tap Customize. When in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, select your face under "My Faces", then choose HealthFace in the position you'd like it to appear.
I can't get the app to work!
On your Apple Watch, add the HealthFace complication. You should see a smiley face. On your iPhone, select the watch face and position to add health data. After you have saved the settings, wait a few seconds and the smiley face should be replaced by your health data.
How do I set a custom color?
Some watch faces allow you to customize the color of the icon or the progress ring. You must ensure you have the multicolor option selected for that watch face.
How do I choose what happens when a complication is tapped?
When configuring that complication, select the "Tap Action" option to choose which screen opens.
Why does changing the complication on one face affect another?
The Apple Watch has 11 different types of complications. Most of these appear on multiple watch faces. Unfortunately, we're unable to tell which face is active.
Why can't I add the complication multiple times on watch faces that support it?
Even though on a watch face such as "Modular" there are four small positions, we're unable to differentiate between them.
Why does the data not match up exactly with other apps' complications?
All complications have their own update schedule, meaning different apps will update at different times.
How often does the data update?
We try and update the complications as frequently as possible, but the Apple Watch places limits on the number of updates. We try to optimize these updates based on when you're awake and wearing the watch, as well as trying to primarily update when your Health data updates.
My question isn't covered here!
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